Should You Rent or Own in Leesburg Virginia?

Although there are many places to live in the United States, the area of Leesburg is one that many people call home. It is located only about 30 miles outside of Washington DC with easy access to Catoctin Mountain, the Potomac River and many interesting areas. Although it is somewhat of a small suburban area in comparison to the city, it has certainly seen considerable growth over the past few decades.

Today, Leesburg Virginia is more than just a small town where people can live; it is a rural bedroom community that people live in so that they have easy access to quality jobs. The town continues to grow and it does not show any signs of stopping at any time soon. If you are considering living in the area, is it better for you to rent or to own a home? This is a question that many people have asked.

First of all, many people consider a home to be an asset but in reality, it is a liability. You don’t own the home, even though many people say that they do. What happens is that the bank owns the home and you end up paying the bank on a monthly basis for the privilege of living there. Also, you have to consider all of the potential liabilities that are associated with the home, including the fact that if anything breaks down, it is going to fall squarely on your shoulders to do the repair.

That isn’t the case when you rent an apartment. Yes, there is the argument that you are throwing money away and you never see any return on it, but many people consider apartment living to be the ideal choice. If you are staying in the area of Leesburg to work and you don’t spend much time at home, you might find that renting an apartment is the best choice for that very reason.

Ultimately, the decision as to whether you are going to own or rent your home is one that is entirely up to you. In either case, you are going to have to put out some money on a monthly basis to pay for your living expenses. Having a home is the most important factor, renting or owning is only a decision that has benefits, depending upon the choice that you make.